WHAT’S GOING ON! Wrap up of 2014

 What a Year!  57 Homes SOLD. TOP LEADERS AGAIN!!!


Another year behind us and the 2015 selling season just around the corner, I thought  a quick look at the last few months of 2014 might be appropriate. There was so much in the papers about over priced markets and price adjustments.

Last year we had an early spring market and we were busy from late  January on to the end of July when  at that time the downtown core markets ( expect for the Glebe ) suddenly became oddly quiet. The Buyers were no longer in a hurry to buy and Sellers had to wait longer to get their homes sold. When you are used to seeing homes sell within days and weeks it is  striking when homes sit on the market; however one needs to caution that a normal market is 2 or 3 months in many cases depending on location and especially pricing. Expectations sometimes has to be adjusted when a market slows down and it is always better to react as soon as possible to over pricing in a suddenly quiet or changing marketplace.  The normal fall market ( Aug – Sept ) did not take place.  By the middle of November homes started selling again, many had had substanail price adjustments as a 3 month dead zone had taken its toll. There was re-newed interest and Dec proved to be a very healthy month for many of our buyers and sellers alike . 

In our case working mostly downtown and in the older residential areas there was a handful of  homes that required adjustments in pricing and those who reacted did sell unless there was something else that was holding the house back. We also took over some listings that had not sold through the year and with a little staging and personal marketing managed to get the sale done for our Sellers.

The market may well be returning to a more normal market . This is not a sudden change as the buyers are and have been for sometime looking for more bang for their buck and value in what they purchase. Most buyers both young and old do not wish to do work and therefore a home that shows well and is in good condition will sell faster and usually for more money. Much of pricing has to do with timing and preparation of the home prior to going to market. Is the market plummeting? no– is the market price sensitive? – yes.

Myself and Stephanie are well versed in different markets and have the experience to guide our buyers and sellers through the housing process to obtain a deserved outcome for all parties involved. We are good planners and are happy to provide the guidance and knowledge to our clients.

Below are afew of the Dec sales that we are happy to say allowed our Sellers and Buyers to move on to a very happy  2015 .


5 Gilmour  Sold – Lovely  Canal townhome- ideal for that single or couple who want  urban lifestyle.



29 Main – The Glassworks condo-WOW great for the single or couple – loft lifestyle steps to the Canal in award winning Charlesfort building. Asking $449,000.


Exceptional design with two storey windows- ideal for the busy executive


64 Lewis Street– The Triangle – cute, charming and a great single in

a wonderful location. Asking $535,000.


520 Queen Elizabeth Drive  Unit 21- 2000 sq ft approx. of great hassle free living.

Perfect executive lifestyle. Asking $779,000.



A Glebe townhouse: The buyers walked in and said this is it. Signed , sealed and delivered within 4 days. Great Christmas for everyone.

asking just under $700,000 

 Clarence St Condo: Looking for a true urban lifestyle and living space3 that is different – then this well kept secret in the Byward market is it. The buyers wanted something different and after looking at all the usual suspects of condos in the core , we happened upon this lovely sun flooded low rise building . Love at first sight!


215 Parkdale Terrace  Ever popular Parkdale- Westboro- Wellington Village-Tunneys Pasture areas all close by. Affordable one bedroom with great facilities ( salt water pool). 

asking $249,000

















How To Setup Admin Login of IP Address

Every device which is connected to the internet has its IP address. This IP address is of two types, Public and Private. is a private type of IP address. It is also a default IP address for some broadband home connection. is the default IP address which is used by many routers. This is mostly famous for D-Link and Netgear. Only one computer in a network can be able to use Admin as an IP address. The reason for this is to prevent address conflicts. Other routers in the network would have different default gateways.

Take a look at the various steps for login into the router using

Step 1: First Type in your address bar of the browser

Step 2: Above link will help you with the login into your router console

Step 3: Then a prompt will ask you to enter your username and password

Step 4: If you don’t have this information then you have to search for the router username and password list

Step 5: Then after you will be able to access your router console

Step 6: You would be able to make changes in the router settings

Step 7: Any machine in the network can utilize this IP address as it is a private IPv4 address

Step 8: Do not register more than one device with this IP address, otherwise it would cause address conflicts

Unable to access IP address

If you are not able to access the given IP address then make sure that all numbers are entered correctly. Most people use O instead of zero (0). Try to avoid such type of typing mistakes. If it doesn’t load than also might be your router using different IP address like If you want to find your default IP gateway then visit our list of default IP address. You can also find the article on how to find the default IP address.

Changing the Router Password

In order to keep your network secure, you need to keep on changing your password.

Step 1: First login to your control panel

Step 2: In the router, console go to your admin panel

Step 3: You will find an option for changing the password over there

Step 4: Always use a mix of letters, numbers, and cases for the purpose of better security

Step 5: Check the list for default credentials and cross verify with yours so that it is not the same

Finding IP Address

There are various ways to find your IP address. If the computer is on a private network and then connecting to the internet then such device would have both private and public IP address.

For finding our public IP address just type ‘my IP’ into google.com and it will return your IP address within a second.

For finding your private IP address, open your command prompt and enter ipconfig it will give your private IP address.

Any computer of any brand can be configured to use this IP address on a local network.