Sun flooded , spacious rooms  with garage and yard- walk to everything and enjoy a great lifestyle both inside and outside this home._MG_9469

asking $889,000.

A wonderful stylized home offering an amazing amount of space and light . Modern design but warm and inviting. Huge living room is ideal as a combined living room and dining room , overlooking the rest of the main floor spaces. High ceilings, wood floors, a wood burning fireplace and a pretty window seat warm the spaces.



Recently redone kitchen is richly appointed with a gas stove, granite counters lots and lots of cupboard and counter spaces and glass tile backsplash. There is a convenient coffee-café bar area. Open to the dining area and family room- again ideal for family living and entertaining.




The dining area opens and views the rear yard and deck.


Master suite sun flooded and open to a fab lounge area ( also could be a den ) full en-suite bathroom with separate shower stall and excellent closet space.

_MG_9405 _MG_9411


Lower level provides a great playroom or den .There is a 2pc bathroom and laundry room as well as the entrance to the attached garage.








Dear Mr. Trudeau Jr.

On Saturdays I get the British Financial Times and this article I thought was well worth sharing.
Written by Tyler Brule for a column called The Fast lane.
Disheartened Canadians around the globe are feeling optimistic, if a tad cautious, about our new leader
My mother country (that would be Canada) just elected a new prime minister, and there’s been much media chatter about his youth, his boxing skills, his tattoo. I haven’t been a fan of my nation’s Harper regime nor the Martin government before that, so I’m hopeful that Justin Trudeau can put his experience as the son of former PM Pierre Trudeau to good use and behave like a proper statesman.As I flew around Asia this week and encountered various expat Canadians (most of them generally disheartened by the nation’s diminished status), the mood was generally optimistic — if a tad cautious — about the change of leadership. Here’s a welcome letter with a few ideas of my own.

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Congratulations on your victory. We’ve never met, yet I feel like I’ve grown up with you, as we’re roughly the same age and we’ve spent considerable time in the same cities. You’ll have no shortage of constituents mailing you their thoughts or of advisers developing strategies for Canada’s comeback but I thought you might like your fellow countrymen’s view from various vantage points across the globe. As you’re busy with cabinet appointments and redecorating your former home on Sussex Drive (the PM’s official residence), I’ll keep it snappy.

1. Surround yourself with great people, and bring some private-sector appointments into parliament. The Singaporean concept of bringing in non-elected execs is worth copying.

2. Appearances are everything. So ditch the silly SUV and the affiliated trappings of the Harper government (you’re not a drug kingpin) and the ridiculous jet with the holiday-charter paint job. Buy a Canadian-made aircraft for long jaunts (I’ll design the livery for you) and go for wheels that are more elegant and low-slung rather than boxy and menacing.

3. Put some dignity back into being a diplomat by giving your frontline ambassadors the residences and chanceries the nation deserves. Please sack anyone who thought it was a good idea to get rid of the real estate that was offloaded in Rome.

4. Infrastructure spending. It’s good that you’re so big on this — be bold and build a high-speed rail link between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

5. Well done on committing to defence spending but make sure you buy wisely. You’re right to consider cancelling the F-35 fighters. I think you should put the savings towards two midsize aircraft carriers so that Canada can do proper deployments for humanitarian missions as well as in hostile environments.

6. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation needs investment and love. Canada needs a voice on the world stage and the state broadcaster is the best tool to fulfil the task. More money for newsgathering, more correspondents and a dedicated global channel would be a good start. The latter could also pull programming from private broadcasters.

7. Our capital city needs a vision and a plan. Make it a model city rather than a mediocre one.

8. Get young Canadians out on the road for sustained periods. Sadly, our younger countrymen increasingly see a jaunt to Las Vegas as foreign travel and Europe is “done” in two weeks after graduation. The Kiwis and Aussies build strong, international business networks because they travel for years rather than weeks. What about a fund for high-school graduates to get out there and learn languages?

9. Spend more time looking east — across the Atlantic. Our former governor-general was ahead of her time when she did her much-criticised transpolar jaunt many years back. Leaders in the Nordic countries say Canada’s been ignoring them and, given the shared social values and chilly climates, we should build strong relationships stretching from Reykjavik to Helsinki.

10. Look west but don’t focus only on Beijing: Manila needs some love, too. Ditto Bangkok and Tokyo.

I do hope we can clink glasses at some point. Good luck with the transition and don’t let all the comments about your voluminous locks get to you. They’re just jealous.

Tyler Brûlé is editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine;

Joe Cummings illustration: Justin Trudeau


The business point of view (by some) of Lansdowne.

Found this in the Globe and Mail business section this morning – would love to know how the rest of the Glebe business community is doing.

Lansdowne has new game

Capture2 images (2)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015-

A new football stadium for the CFL’s RedBlacks gave this Ottawa neighbourhood a rallying point in its reformation. High-end retail, restaurants, bars and a condo hope to complete the comeback

Special to The Globe and Mail

OTTAWA — Walking through Lansdowne Park on a crisp fall afternoon, you’d never know that in the years leading up to its recent $200-million renovation it used to be merely a slab of asphalt with a football stadium with one side that was crumbling.

Now, after an aggressive revitalization project that opened in November of 2014, Lansdowne is a hotbed for businesses and restaurants that drew 1.5 million visitors in its first year, according to numbers provided by the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG), one of the key stakeholders of the project.

“People have had a very positive impression of the new stadium [Lansdowne is home to the North American Soccer League’s Ottawa Fury and the Canadian Football League’s playoff-bound Ottawa RedBlacks] and the retail and restaurant components,” explains Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “People keep coming back and experiencing something new.”

Originally developed as municipal fairgrounds in the 1860s, Lansdowne Park – a stretch of land on Bank Street adjacent to the Rideau Canal, about three kilometres from Parliament Hill – has gone through many iterations.

It was the home of the Ottawa SuperEx until 2010; bands such as U2, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie have performed on its grounds. It has also been the home of three CFL franchises – the aforementioned RedBlacks, the ill-fated Renegades (2001-05), and the Rough Riders (18761996).

When a proposal was brought to the table in the mid-2000s to revitalize Lansdowne Park once and for all, there were many skeptics. But the formal launch of the new Lansdowne in June of this year – as part of the Women’s World Cup of soccer – was met with much fanfare.

Mr. Watson says even those who were vehemently opposed to the project initially “have told me it’s turned out a lot better than they have anticipated.”

Lansdowne resides in a well-established neighbourhood in Ottawa called the Glebe, where the average income of its residents is higher-than-average.

According to an Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, the percentage of Glebe residents whose pretax annual income is greater than $125,000 is 7 per cent higher than Ottawa’s average.

That can help explain why such shops as Whole Foods and Sporting Life, long known for their well-to-do clientele, have decided to make Lansdowne home.

“I think with sophisticated retailers who operate all across North America, when they see a site with unique tendencies like this, they recognize they can be successful,” says Bernie Ashe, the chief executive officer of OSEG.

“Lansdowne will be an entertainment energy zone. It mixes public space, heritage buildings, sports stadiums, condos and restaurants.

“It’s just a cool place,” he continues.

And, Mr. Watson agrees.

The Mayor is in his second stint at the helm of Canada’s capital (he was also the Mayor from 1997 through 2000 before representing Ottawa WestNepean for the Ontario Liberal government from 2003 through 2010), and knows the new Lansdowne is something special.

“It’s really just a great place,” he says. “Before it was just acres of asphalt. Now, the lawn at the back [facing the Rideau Canal] is as big as the front lawn on Parliament Hill.”

But David Chernushenko, the city councillor for the ward where Lansdowne is located, told CBC Ottawa that it was too early to tell if the redevelopment has been a success. The city is expected to get the money it invested back over the next 40 years, but according to Mr. Chernushenko, it could be more than a decade before that starts coming in.

That said, some feel this past year has been just the tip of the iceberg for what Lansdowne can offer Ottawa’s residents and visitors.

“The area has gone through a major transformation,” explains Andrew Peck, the executive director of the Glebe Business Improvement Association (BIA).

“There’s an element of weariness having gone through so much change, but the reality is, everyone sees a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re at that light.”

The various amenities are what make tenants of Lansdowne Park so keen to be there, according to Jamie Boyce, the associate vicepresident of CBRE Canada’s Ottawa office.

Mr. Boyce and CBRE are leasing office spaces at Lansdowne, and he says there are already a number of tenants such as a private high school, a new technology company, a dentist and Football Canada.

“From an employee attraction and retention perspective, it’s a landmark location for the city.

Groups that I’ve been dealing with recognize the benefits of all the amenities on site and the open space and vibrancy,” he explains.

The lease rates are comparable to any new construction anywhere in the city. The buildings are attractive because taxes and costs at Lansdowne are twothirds that of those in downtown Ottawa, according to Mr. Boyce.

A full 95 per cent of the retail areas – managed by Trinity Developments – are now leased.

There is one more restaurant set to open in 2016 – the Craft Beer Market, a unique bistro chain from Western Canada – and the 300-unit condominium building on site, managed by Minto Group, will be ready next year.

Each retailer has a lease with Lansdowne Retail LP, and OSEG contracts Trinity to be the builder and site manager for each retail location, according to Mr. Ashe. Trinity is under contract from OSEG to collect rent and service and manage the buildings occupied by tenants of Lansdowne.

As the offices, condominiums and retail locations get filled through early 2016, the Lansdowne of the past won’t be forgotten – there is a collection of historical buildings still on site – but the Lansdowne of the future is now.

“Ottawa is a world-class capital in the best country on earth, and businesses see the city coming in to its own,” says Mr. Peck of the Glebe BIA. “The neighbourhood is stronger for [Lansdowne].

There’s more to do, there’s something for everybody.”



1893 LAUDER- Great Street local- Great value!  NOW 449,000

Much larger than it looks- surprisingly spacious and bright.




What a great lifestyle for a new family or someone downsizing who wants one level living or to raise a family. Lots of room for kids to play whether in the large yard  or finished basement in this home. In an enclave of lovely homes on a tree lined quiet street just north of Carling Avenue in the west end by McKellar -Highland Park and by Carlingwood.

_MG_6679 _MG_6688

The main rooms are sunny and accented by hardwood floors crown moldings and  a wood burning fireplace for those winter nights of family living or entertaining.


An updated kitchen redone in classic white not only provides ample counter and cupboard space but a large area for a breakfast table.


Entrance directly out to the laneway and  down to the lower level. Nice and handy.There is a large yard and good sized deck. ( make one of the bedrooms a den and open a doorway directly out- easy to do).


Bitmap in Graphic1

The bedrooms are ample sized and all have good closet space. Hardwood floors and a full bathroom comprise the bedroom areas.


_MG_6723 _MG_6716

The basement is high and dry. A perfect space to finish off ( only flooring needed) for either a family room/media room or kids playroom – maybe add a bath and have a guest suite!. Lots of potential for adding value.

_MG_6763 _MG_6759

call for private viewing.

Julie and Stephanie