The Move

readytomoveFinally the day of closing has arrived. Well before closing we will ensure that all necessary parties have the documentation required for a seamless closing. Lawyers will require copies of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Waivers, Amendments to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and any survey for the said property. The bank will require the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, a copy of the listing, waivers and any Amendments to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. We are also there to recommend movers, trades people and provide to you any information pertaining to the closing that may be required.

Some Items to Remember:

  • Make sure that you have contacted ahead of time all utilities such as the gas company, the hydro company, the water company, advising them of new owners.
  • Make sure to set up any appointments for the phone and cable and advising them of the new owners.
  • Make sure well in advance to have obtained some quotes from movers and that you have movers lined up for the closing date.

Some movers that our clients have used and recommend:

AMJ Campbell Van Lines
AMJ Campbell International Movers
Bruce Fitzsimmons
613-737-1883 ( Direct )