Home Inspections

A comprehensive and professional home inspection allows the Buyer to make an informed decision about their investment. It can prevent unexpected and expensive surprises in the future. It provides valuable information about the construction, operation and maintenance of the house. It also provides the technical expertise which complements the services provided by real estate and legal professionals.

When to Request a Home Inspection?

The best time to hire a home inspector is right after you have made an offer on your new home. We will include in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale a clause making the sale conditional on a satisfactory inspection report.

Exception – When multiple offers are expected on a property. When there is substantial interest in a particular home and a Buyer will be in a position of competing for the home it is thought favorable to have an unconditional offer. Therefore a Buyer needs to move quickly-while at the same time protecting his/her interests. It is at this time – after seeing the home that you would arrange an inspection prior to the date of the offers.

How Do I Find a Home Inspector?

As with most things these days finding the names of home inspector’ s and home inspection companies are just a click away. As with any professional you hire you should speak a few inspection companies. Ask what they will inspect and how detailed a report they will prepare for you. Do not hire an inspection company that won’t allow you to watch and be involved in the inspection. They should be members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. We have a list of inspectors that we have worked with over many years and who are reputable and respected professional in their industry.

What Does An Inspection Include?

A thorough inspection of your new home includes a systematic examination of the exterior and interior from the roof to the basement. The inspector will report on such things as the condition of the roof, structure, foundation, drainage, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, insulation, walls, windows, doors and the electrical system. The inspection typically takes 2-3 hours.

What Do I Get At the End of An Inspection?

A reputable inspector will provide you with a complete and detailed written record of the inspection. Many will also provide you with photos and a home maintenance manual.

Some that our clients seem to like are:


Capital Home Inspection
Steve Clayton – Owner

A strong professional home inspection company operated by Stephen Clayton, a Registered Home Inspector with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and more than twenty years experience in the residential construction field as a contractor/renovator and multi-award winning custom home builder. Steve has been conducting home inspections for over ten years during which he has inspected over 3000 homes!

Affiliated Property Group
David Glennie – Certified Engineering Technologist (CET)

  • CET RHI designation
  • Building Inspections
  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Energy Audits
  • Engineering
  • Radon from the Ottawa Association of Home Inspectors

For a list of certified  inspectors, go to: https://www.oahi.com/