Making The Offer 

Okay, so now you have found a home that wish to purchase. It is time to “put it in writing” as they say and make the offer. Your offer will be based on comparable sales of homes in the neighborhood, how much you like the home, how suitable the home and area is for your needs and how affordable the home is to you. All of these factors will play a role in how much you are willing to pay. Using our many years of experience and expertise we will guide you through the process.

At this point we will sit down and go over the above factors with you. Other things to consider when making the offer will be: 

Terms and conditions to include in your offer!

Standard clauses may include:

  • inspection
  • financing
  • insurance
  • a pre closing viewing
  • a warrenty for chattels to be in working order
  • for condos a review of the status certificate
  • lawyer review of terms
  • and sometimes a condition on the sale of a home.
  • Seller to provide a copy of existing survey, SPIS and any documents that may be helpfull. i.e. if there was new wiring then a Electiral Safety Certificate should be available. Ask for it

Closing Date

This is the date you will require the money to be in place and once registered you will get the keys. You can move in that day or later.

Appliances and fixtures that you would like to have included in your offer.

Remember there are sometimes exclusions that the owners of the home will wish to keep – such as dining room light.

Deposit Amount

This is a good will deposit and not your down payment. It is held in trust by the Listing Brokerage and put towards your purchase.

Purchase Amount

Researching the sales in the area will provide guidance.

Title Search Date

This is the date that the lawyers have to search title and should there be any issues (such as lean on house) your lawyer will ask the Sellers lawyer to undertake to remove any “cloud on title”

After we have gone through the documentation and signed the offer we will then present the offer on your behalf. We will use our expertise in the field of negotiating to secure a deal for you on the home. Our many years of market knowledge combined with the experience of having negotiated numerous offers over the years provide you with the expert skills required to be able to negotiate a successful offer.

The Accepted Offer

Once the offer has been accepted the work begins in coordinating such things as the building inspection, an appraisal of the property, perhaps an environmental inspection – basically we will arrange any and all visits to the home that may be required to best protect your interest and meet the terms and conditions of the offer.