164132092Should you decide it is time to sell, Julie Teskey and Stephanie Cartwright are uniquely qualified to market your residental property. Their  reputation with generations of buyers and sellers as well as with  other brokers ensures that your property will recieve the professional attention and attract the right buyers.

Being from  two different age groups Julie and Stephanie are able to manage across generations. They understand how to communicate and market taking into consideration the generational characteristics of both Baby Boomers  and Generation X-ers.  They have remained in the forefront of marketing for more than 30 years and enjoy repeat business from our clientele (both young and old). Their goal is to help you through the selling process by providing as much information and  help as possible to allow a less stressfull sale and selling process.

The time spent before going to market is important to Julie and Stephanie who believe that timing and how your home shows plays a large part in how fast a home sells and for how much.

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