Getting The House Ready & Staging

gettinghousereadyMost people would agree that the two factors which impact the success of a home sale are asking price and visual presentation.

Creates A Lasting First Impression

Selling your home is essentially selling a product. Effectively marketing your property means appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. Home staging, also known as real estate staging, is now an important component of a successful real estate marketing package. Our staging projects produce high impact showings and a lasting first impression. Whether you do it your self or with professional help, staging and how a home shows is an important part of the sale .

We can help you through the process by walking through your house and making a priority list of what needs to be done.

It has been our experience that a lot of what needs to be done to get a home ready for market revolves around, de cluttering ,cleaning and painting.

We have good trades that we can recommend. This is all part of the marketing and listing plan.

If real staging ( renting of furniture and such ) is required there are many very good firms available who will select and provide furniture for the rooms or entire home. Particularly useful for vacant homes.

Through use of premium accessories, art, furniture and design, we can help make your home stand out from competitive listings.

Preparing Your Home for Showing

How your home looks to a prospective buyer can significantly influence whether they want to buy your home and what they are willing to pay for it. And, no, you do not have to redo your entire house.

The following items are things to consider when preparing your home for sale.

The First Impression

Exterior: Curb Appeal is the Number 1 thing that can influence whether they go in or call and make an appointment.

Some Things to Remember

  • Paint the exterior if needed and weather permits.
  • Make sure the lawn is well-manicured, walkways swept.
  • Cut back any shrubs that keep light from getting into the house.
  • Inspect the roof and gutters.
  • Repaint the front door if necessary and put a pot of flowers out by the front door.
  • Make sure walks ae free of ice and salted.
  • Repair broken handrails or steps.
  • Put garbage cans and recylcing bins out of sight and in a shed or garage.


  • Make the kitchen bright and attractive: it is a very important room in the house.
  • If it is dull and dated- paint the cabinets, change the countertop, update cabinet hardware.
  • Remove excess small appliances from the counter-this will make the counters seem more spacious.
  • Make sure the kitchen smells fresh and is spotless.
  • Clean the appliances- buyers look in them.
  • Cull out all cupboards and ensure they are clutter free.

Living Areas

  • Paint trim where chipped and rooms that are dated.
  • Have all plaster and drywall in good shape- cracks, and nail popping are easy to fix.
  • Check ceilings for leaks and stains- and repair them stick to warm and neutral colours when repainting or decorating.
  • Clean out fireplace and/or have it inspected and cleaned.
  • Wash windows and repair any broken ones- test the windows to make sure they open easily.
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs, try soft 60’s .
  • Wash all floors- hardwood with either Murphy’s soap or try brewed tea on a rag to bring back colour.
  • Straighten and organize all cupboards, get rid of excess items- remember you are moving.
  • Lubricate any sticking or squeaking doors.
  • If you have pets and carpets, have the carpets cleaned.
  • If you smoke – don’t or do it outside.
  • Replace anything that looks dated. I.e taps, towel racks. This is not expensive to do and makes a big difference.
  • Polish door hardware or replace.
  • Replace mailbox if old or beat up.
  • Make sure the key and lock are easy to use.
  • Clean and tidy entrance with matt and boot tray.
  • House number easy to read.
  • Repair cracked or broken windows.


  • Repair dripping faucets.
  • Keep towels neat.
  • Clean toilets ( remember lids down).
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Replace old caulking around the tub.

Basement – Attic – Garage

  • Clean it out. Dispose of everything you are not going to move with you.
  • Anything you are going to keep – pack in boxes and arrange them against a wall so the area looks bigger.
  • If the basement is old, dark or unfinished- paint it, so it will be bright/fresh and a buyer will want to walk down there.
  • Have the furnace serviced, cleaned and change the filter.
  • Make sure there is proper lighting.

The Spacious Look

  • Remove furniture if the room is to crowded.
  • Buy some colourful cushions to help “jazz up the room”, buy something you like as you are taking them with you.
  • Place furniture so it is easy to move from room to room and to look out windows.

The Buying Atmosphere

  • Keep window coverings open to let in natural light.
  • Turn on exterior lights-night or day-for all showings.
  • Turn on lights inside including the basement.
  • Turn up heat in the winter and make sure it is cool in the summer, both will make a buyer leave if they are either too cold or too hot.
  • At night, turn on all the outdoor lighting front and back.
  • Avoid clutter-neatness makes a room look bigger.
  • Avoid leaving dishes in the sink.
  • Make sure the countertops are cleared.
  • Keep all toys neatly arranged or put away.
  • Make the beds.
  • Turn off the television and radio. Keep the stereo at a minimum sound level.
  • Refer direct inquires you might receive about seeing your house to us.
  • Do not let anyone in who does not have an appointment . If you are not certain, call our appointment desk directly at 613-563-1155 or have us paged.
  • Do not mention any furniture or furnishings you may wish to dispose of- these can be dealt with after the house sells.
  • Keep the pets outside or with you if possible.
  • Let the real estate sales representatives show your home to his/her client-even if you don’t think they are doing a great job, they know what is important to their client and will focus on those elements.
  • If you need to be at home, be friendly and encourage people to “make themselves at home”. Stay in an area not being shown to the buyers. If possible it is best to be out of the house for showings.
  • Put the highlight sheets in a visible location i.e. front hall or dining room table. Once a buyer is in your home then you want them to feel comfortable.

Before And After

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