Marketing and Services

Targeted Advertising and Marketing

We believe in a marketing plan that reaches out to the two groups of people who really matter: BUYERS and BROKERS. This marketing plan includes full Multiple Listing Service exposure and an excellent advertising policy, including this web site, that will get the exposure your home needs to sell fast, and for the most money possible.

We realize that your home is more than a house. We realize that location, security and enjoyment are as important as the bricks and the mortar themselves. In the past years, the concept of marketing rather than just listing houses has become increasingly important. Each day when marketing a house I must ask: “What can I do today to sell this property?” 

Once pricing is established, we develop a targeted marketing strategy carefully tailored to the individual residence. Selling a home is not something you do everyday and is probably your largest asset. Each home is unique and is complex in its own merits, so the selling process needs to be organized. Creating a plan that suits your needs and home is important.

This Plan Should Include Such Things as:

  • Advising on how to prepare your property for showing, seeking to maximize your sale price.
  • Marketing your property to other members of the brokerage community so that you reach the widest possible audience of qualified buyers. This is done through email flyers and a contact communication system.
  • Communicating the listing directly to qualified buyers in Ottawa, the resources of Re/Max, and on the many internet sites that allow advertising of homes.
  • Custom designing marketing material to reflect style and assets of your home.
  • Sending a Direct flyers to target market areas
  • Customizing an illustrated brochure that reflect the feeling your home.
  • Providing a surround video if required. I caution on too much video and pictures given as it sometimes works in reverse and a buyer will not look at your home as they feel “they have seen it” or discarded your home due to a photo that does not really show the house at its best. Good marketing should make you want to see more of the house by visiting it.
  • Providing professional photos.
  • Providing you with guidance on how to deal with any unexpected problems that may crop up :i.e (a bad home inspection)
  • Establishing a timetable as to when to go to market, MLS, open houses and offers.
  • Providing exposure to the world market: Today’s market place is world wide- people move all over the world for the right job. Re/Max International has over 6000 offices world wide and agents.
  • Providing prominent advertising in such publications as community papers, local newspapers and the city web sites.
  • Helping with decisions on building inspections, staging, help with estimates for repairs, referrals to trades.
  • Helping you through the paperwork and procedures of selling your home.
  • Hosting of an open house reception for agents to preview your home. This helps cut down on appointments where the agent is only gathering market data and not showing a buyer. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss your home first hand with other sales people.
  • Many buyers wait to go to open houses – an open house does give you a lot of exposure and should be used as a market tool in the first few weeks. It also gives us first hand feedback about your home from the buyers.
  • Reviewing all offers and presenting them to you. Providing you with the guidance and information to make the right decisions.
  • Providing skilled negotiation on your behalf with full knowledge of all activity associated with your property, thereby helping you obtain the best possible price and helping you make informed decisions.
  • Making sure you understand the process.