The best garage sale ever- GREAT GLEBE GARAGE SALE

THIS WEEKEND-Saturday May 23th. 8 a. m. till 3p.m. however people are crawling the streets way before 8-

For over two decades( started in 1986)  this amazing event has taken place all over the Glebe, bringing thousands of people into the area to find hidden treasures, bargains, and a truly varied array of goods for all ages. It is also great fun. In truth  a “Festival like” atmosphere. Although the feet may get tired , you will meet the wonderful people that live in the Glebe and make up its vibrant and diverse community. Share some stories , bargain a bit , meet old friends and make some new ones, and all in all just create some memories of either the event or what you bring home with you.

About the Sale

Saturday May 23th 8 till 3- but people are actually out alot earlier and the “pickers”( professional bargain/antique hunters) are out at the break of day.

I suggest to get out early. There will always be someone that gets out before you so relax and enjoy.

The sale is in the garages, front lawns  and porch’s of most homes as well as in the church’s.

Bring Cash: “Cash is King” here and don’t count on running to the bank machines during the sale as they run out early.

There area ATM machines at Royal bank (Bank and First) Kettlemans ( Holmwood and Ban)k and Scotia Bank ( at Bank and Fourth)

Bring Bags: you will need them to carry any of those small items. Back packs are good as well.

Bring a Hat : if it is sunny (and it usually is) you will need one.

Water: bring a water bottle, it can be refilled at churchs.

Camera or phone: take pictures . Great sea of humanity to capture.

Mommy I have to go! There are public washroom facilities available on the second level of Fifth Avenue Court (Fifth and Bank Street). The Glebe Community Centre (Third and Lyon), Glebe St. James United Church (650 Lyon St.) and St. Matthew’s church at 217 First Avenue (near Bank St.) may also be open to the public

The Good : Most of the households donation 10% of the sales money to the Food Bank This year they are looking o raise $12,000.00. Way to go Glebe!


Lots of kids have lemonade stands so relax and have a glass.

The Bad: Your feet and kids will get tired, Take breaks and if you find something , don’t wait and go back to buy it – Buy it and take it as it will not be there when you get back.

The Ugly: parking and cars, It is chaos- the streets are jammed with people so DONT TRY TO DRIVE . You may get lucky and be able to park nearly but dont bring the car into the Glebe, unless it is on the outskirts and early in the morning. There is also the Ottawa  Race weekend event going on . So the term “nightmare” comes to mind. If you have to bring the car park in Old Ottawa South or the Golden Triangle and walk, it is not far.


Have fun- even  you  do not buy anything the whole event is delightful and a great way to meet people, get to know what the Glebe has to offer and share some stories and laughter.

Have a great time.