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Rideau Gardens | Ottawa, ON


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SOLD FIRM Lot for 2 Townhomes - Builders Alert

This lot is fully severed and available to build a luxury double on.

Barry Hobin;s firm was hired to design 2 contemporary town homes for this usual lot.

Draft floor plan and exterior renderings attached. There is a set of plans available.

Any building permit will require a retaining wall to be built. Proposed town homes sq, ft.

296 Riverdale: Basement: 284 sq.ft. First Floor: 687 sq.ft. Second Floor: 733 sq.ft.Third Floor: 542 sq.ft. TOTAL: 2246 sq.ft.

294 Riverdale: Basement: 284 sq.ft. First Floor: 676 sq.ft. Second Floor: 728 sq.ft. Third Floor: 542 sq.ft. TOTAL: 2230 sq.ft.


 Engineer report ( Paterson)and city of Ottawa green space statement- one estimate for retaining wall that is required for building on lot, survey dated Feb 2019 are available


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