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Home Buyers:  When you work with Julie Teskey, Stephanie Cartwright and Jennifer Keeley in purchasing a home you can expect to receive expert advice and guidance.  Firm believers in delivering premium quality service and sound results. There is a dedication to provide  professionalism, knowledge and business sense to  clients. They have learned though 30 years of all types of  markets the art of the real estate business. Whether  Buying or selling they are experts at both.

They will work closely with their Home Buyers to carefully determine their needs. Guiding you through every step of the purchase process. From finding the right neighborhoods to negotiating a fair deal to successful multiple offer bids. To begin with, they will  sit down with you to listen to your needs and  formulate a plan to reach the end result of finding you your home. As a result Buyers can trust  and have for generations  to look after their interests. They have taken great care to be top class real estate advisors in Ottawa.

Experienced in all types of markets – They will help you find your new home with focused and insightful knowledge of neighbourhoods and the negotiation process.

There is no place like home”  Let Julie Stephanie and Jenn  get you there.