Before you start looking for your new home that you sit down and make a list of what is important to you. “Would be nice to have” and “must have” with a focus on your deserved neighbourhoods and lifestyle.

The Wish List

Some Things To Consider:

New or old home – Are you seeking a home with charm and character or do you prefer something with a little less maintenance? What and how much work or what  are you willing to take on with a home. Renovations are costly so work that into your budget. Also can be stressful.

Lifestyle – A key element in the process. Lifestyle plays a huge role in deciding where you want to live. Are you someone who likes to walk everywhere, have a sense of community.? Are amenities important to you and if so, which ones? Do you like running, biking or sitting in a park? All these questions revolve around your lifestyle and how you like to live. In other words your lifestyle.

Location – Where do you want to live? Most people want to live in neighbourhoods with good schools, relative proximity to work, friends or family can also play a role. Then there are those who prefer a walking lifestyle – where all amenities are close at hand. Others prefer a little more space – perhaps a nice size lot. these are all considerations when trying to find that right fit.

Are you looking for an Inner city neighbourhood, with restaurants, theatres, cafes, transit close at hand? Is your preference the relative quiet and spaciousness of a suburban neighbourhood? Is the proximity of walking /biking trails and parkland essential to your family’s lifestyle?

These are all considerations when trying to find that “just right fit” for you and your family. To that end, and for your ongoing comfort, happiness and satisfaction, it is important that you prepare a list prioritizing your family’s wants and desires in your new home and your new neighbourhood.


Think about the future:

Family: Ask yourself how you see your life’s plan unfolding in 5 years’ time, in 10 years’ time. Ask yourself how you see your family and employment futures unfolding. If you are just starting out, do you see children in your future? If so, the availability of highly-regarded neighbourhood schools becomes an important consideration for you in choosing where you want to live and grow.

Entertaining: Do you enjoy hosting and entertaining guests? If so, then having large entertainment areas maybe a “must have” for you, as will be a the guest suite may be an essential.

Elderly Relatives: Another very important consideration is whether you have a family member with special needs, including accessibility needs. Assessing your future needs may be about requiring a home that has further development potential to create additional space. If your desire is to downsize to condo living, is a balcony and/or proximity to outdoor living and entertainment space something that you would want by way of amenities?

The Four Legged

  • Don’t forget your best friend and family pet .
  • Do you have a pet ? Will you be getting one” need a Yard?
  • Are there dog parks nearby? Is it a pet friendly neighbourhood?
  • If you are going to a condo what are the rules around pets. Weight ? Now any?
  • Are there dog walkers in the area?