Old in Experience – Young in Ideas.

When you decide it is time to buy or sell, the partnership of  Julie Teskey, Stephanie Cartwright & Jenn Keeley  provide  experienced, qualified real estate advice and a hands on approach to market your home or find you a new one. With expert support and specialists to call on.

Whether you are a first time buyer, investor, moving up or downsizing they can guide you through the process. They skillfully look out for your best interests. Their reputation with generations of buyers and sellers, and with other agents, ensures that you will receive professional attention and advice. From getting your home ready to handling offers and closing the deal they will guide you. As a team they know and have experience in most of Ottawa’s neighborhoods from west -end to east-end. They are Ottawa natives who love what they do and  living in the City they call home – Ottawa.

Julie Teskey

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Streetwise and Market Smart

With a solid 35 year background in residential urban real estate Julie is a proven industry professional and has earned the reputation for honesty and integrity. 

Julie is that perfect blend of serious business and personable demeanor. People immediately feel comfortable with Julie’s sage market knowledge and appreciate her sincerity and independent spirit.

Specializing in residential homes in Ottawa. She is passionate about her business. No matter what size of a home you have or decide on that you will feel “there is no place like home”. 

“Julie has served our family for generations”

Julie has sat on 2 Arts Festival Boards and has been a supporter of the NAC for over 25 years. The care of the elderly, homeless and displaced in our society is also something that she is passionate about. Every life matters.


With her knowledge and patience, she believes she can alleviate the stress Buyers and Sellers may naturally experience when dealing with what for many is their largest asset.

Surviving the 10 year recession in real estate Julie has learned how to adapt to all types of markets. Bringing knowledge that can only be learnt first hand. She is well versed in any type of marketplace and ready to help clients through them. All markets can be stressful. Julie always will remain calm and quietly assess issues to ensure a studied resolve is found.

She has a seasoned talent for developing marketing campaigns and has sharp negotiating skills. Her deep appreciation of architecture, urban planning studies and her love of design and décor has been fully realized in the selling of real estate.

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“Julie is a wonderful mix of serious business and yet compassionate to life issues that a client may be experiencing.”


Stephanie Cartwright

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Enthusiastic Personable Skilled

Stephanie is a true professional.

She is inviting and personable and excels att what she does. Real estate clients who have worked with Stephanie praise her for  making successful deals happen. She has earned awards for the highest level of sales, service excellence and client satisfaction.

Whether you are looking to buy your dream home or selling your a much loved home, Stephanie will guide you with the  care and expert knowledge she has earned through years of learning and successful transactions. Her natural drive to succeed and outstanding track record have resulted in Buyers and Sellers who have become repeat clients over the years.


Stephanie is able to engage quickly with clients using her strong interpersonal skills with an approach that is proactive, enthusiastic and responsive to their needs. She believes that successful real estate transactions involve carefully managing the many elements of client needs and desires, whether buying or selling. Her expert ability successfully combines the needs – aesthetic, financial and practical – with the emotional aspects of a purchase or sale that are the hallmark of her strong relationships with clients.

She is a proud resident of the Glebe where she lives with her husband, two children and dog . She has lived in Ottawa throughout her life and possesses a learned understanding not only of the overall marketplace but of the unique personalities that each neighborhood has to offer.



“Stephanie listened to what we wanted ”.
Stephanie effectively caters to each one of her client’s needs, whether it is finding that dream home or getting the best exposure and price for one’s property.

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Jenn Keeley

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Honest Caring Experienced

This is a woman full of energy. Loving what she has chosen as her profession she embraces it with enthusiasm and the listening skills of a skilled professional. She knows first hand that her clients real estate needs are more than just transactions. They are about growing families, building businesses, designing lifestyles, and realizing dreams.

Hard working and personable, with a deep knowledge of the markets and a wide network of connections, Jenn works hard to find and strike the best possible deal on behalf of her clients.

Jenn has a working knowledge of all different types of real estate whether an urban condo, a new or old single family home or brand new town home. She is comfortable in most neighbourhoods in the Ottawa area.

Starting her career as an Executive Relocation Advisor and Facilitator in Ottawa-Gatineau she learned to quickly assess her clients lifestyle and needs ensuring they ended up in the neighbourhood and home that best suited them. 

She believes in a personalized, hands on presence with her clients, providing a thorough gathering of the facts to get the best buy or sale for her client. She thrives on assisting her Buyers and Sellers and understands the deep meaning of home.

“Her promise to you is to listen to your needs and to work diligently on your behalf to ensure a well organized and stress free purchase or sale.”

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“Jenn is knowledgeable, responsive , diligent and professional . Her clients appreciate her enthusiasm, integrity and personal approach.”


 Seasoned Professionals of Ottawa’s Homes & Lifestyles

Looking forward to working with you.

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As a Team

The commitment has never waivered and their enthusiasm has never faded.

Whether you are buying or selling a condo, loft, townhouse, a family home or investment property, your real estate interests deserve the constant attention and expert results that come only through the experience of over 30 years in all types of real estate markets.


Experience and Values

A successful real estate transaction requires a delicate balance of market knowledge, visual sense and interpersonal skills. As a team they feel it is hugely important to bring a new and different perspectives to the table. The key is to communicate on the same level of understanding and to listen to what each other has to say and more important what the client has to say and tell us.

Supported by a strong  advisors for marketing and technology, they are always able to personally be available to a client. Loyalty, commitment and a wealth of experience are some of what this team bring to their clients. Their approach to their work is admired by clients as well as colleagues in the industry. They are dedicated to their work and to the client. Their long-standing commitments started over 30 years ago. The rest is history.

They have been helping families find and sell homes ever since.


In Ottawa’s real estate market, nobody knows the urban residential homes and neighborhoods like these ladies. All living, working and supporting the urban communities they live in. Their market knowledge combined with a calm and insightful approach to their work has allowed them to negotiate hundreds of sales with skill and grace. Expertise in marketing and sales is complemented by a creative side and the passion  for design and architecture has complemented the successful marketing of homes.

Well versed in all of  Ottawa’s areas and can bring  expertise to any client in any neighborhood no matter what size of home or what price point. Ottawa born natives. Believing in the strong neighborhoods that inspire all types of families to live and work. Lifestyle marketing is all part of selling and buying a home.

Direct Communication

Call us old fashioned but we still like to talk to you and hear your voice.

A successful real estate transaction requires a delicate balance of market knowledge, visual sense and interpersonal skills. The key is to communicate on the same level of understanding and to listen to what  what the client has to say. Supported by a strong team of advisors for marketing and technology, they are always able to personally be available to a client.


Staying ahead of the curve matters in the ever changing world of Real estate and especially as we move into a Global market place. The combined partnership of www.teskey.com and  Engel & Völkers insures just that.  With their North American/European and world offices, the support of expert technology teams and marketing campaigns, they plan for the future and provide the skills and support needed in both today’s and tomorrow’s real estate market. 

About the Brand

Founded in Hamburg in 1977, Engel & Völkers is now one of the leading companies in the industry. Approximately 10,000 highly qualified people working under the Engel & Völkers brand Though the Engel & Völkers firm has grown beyond a small boutique agency, you can still reply on them for the qualities that remain their keys to success – local market expertise, a highly valued network and an unparalleled level of bespoke service.


Working for  generations to help  families buy and sell homes in Ottawa.  As an assocaition of experts, they work together to obtain the same goal – a successful transaction for the client. Always being ahead of the trends and providing focused and unique marketing campaigns that fit each clients home or helping buyers through Boom and Bust markets they always have  clients best interests at the forefront. Highly experienced  in all aspects of the real estate market. There brand has survived and transitioned for over 35 years.  There is no substitute for experience.

Staying ahead of the curve matters more than ever and the combined partnership of www.teskey.com with the Global Engel & Völkers brand ensures we have the support of expert technology teams, who are thinking about moving forward and as markets evolve.

Always  ready for new marketing techniques and technologies but never forget the personal side of the business. What you need and how to get you there. Experts at marketing and lifestyle knowledge of the Ottawa Neighbourhoods and working hard to provide in depth insight of not only  the home but the history and future of communities.