The very best feeling is knowing that you have successfully purchased and acquired the property that you wanted. Having reached this happy stage, take some time to savour the moment, as there will be lots of steps still to take. But rest assured that in all of those steps, we will be there to assist.

The Lawyers and the financing entities for the Seller and for you, the Purchaser, will require copies of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, as well as any Waivers and/or Amendments to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and as well as any other documents attached to the property. As your Agents, we will see to it that all parties have the necessary documentation in-hand to ensure a smooth and seamless closing of your transaction. We are also there to recommend movers, trades people as well as to provide you any information pertaining to the closing

And a final word: In going through your home-purchasing process with the Teskey-Cartwright-Keeley Team, you do so with the assurance that any information you provide to us as your Agents, including any Offers to Purchase you may make, is always held in the strictest confidence and is not disclosed to any third parties.

The short to do list
Hire a mover. get some quotes and book one.

Order packing supplies. Purchase standard boxes in various sizes; bubble wrap; packing paper; packing tape; and specialty containers, such as wardrobe and dish-pack boxes.

If you are moving in or out going to a condo then remember to book the elevator.

Purge anything you do not want to take: if there is a floor plan then use it to see how  your belongings will fit.Drop off charity and donation items. 

Change of Address- bank, credit card companies , insurance ,newspapers, government agencies like Revenue Canada.Service Ontario all should be informed. 

Order mail forwarding just in case.

Return cable or internet items.

Transfer Utilities – arrange for  set up at your new home.

If it is going to be a big move have someone look after the pets or board them- make arrangements ahead of time.

Book and appointment with your lawyer for the paperwork for the purchase.

The survival box:
Get a container that you keep with you and put these items into it. This will make is easier to find and keep items handy. Some clients like to also keep jewellery with them rather than packed n the move.

  • Important documents (e.g., passports, marriage license, birth certificates, any records containing bank account information or Social Security numbers)
  • Bank info – Checkbook and Credit cards.
  • Medication.
  • Phone and charger, computer and chargers.
  • Toilet paper and paper towels.
  • A change of clothes and a set of sheets and towels.
  • Water and some easy to prepare food and snacks ( don’t forget the pets food).
  • Flashlight
  • Tape measure
  • Toolbox
  • Trash bags
  • Have some cash on hand to tip the movers.
  • Emergency Kit 
  • Wine or Champagne and glasses. Order take out!