Staging and it importance


Staging is preparing a home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in, depersonalizing a home has now become essential in  creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers. The internet has changed the way people buy and sell homes and that has made how a home shows more important than ever. First impressions have always been important and now with YouTube videos, internet ads, Facebook, social media and multiple interior photos on web sites, 3D tours, and drone shots, a buyer visits your home before stepping through the front door. The impression that those photos make are very important, hence the value in the preparation and staging of the home.

Please see our series in our Journal “All the world’s stage “- a mini series f points getting ready to go to market.

This is something that we at Teskey – Cartwright excel at and have been doing for 30 years – helping homeowners get a house ready to sell. Sometimes it is a simple “to do “ list, some painting out of strong colours and other times it is staging with rental furniture.

Whatever the needs we have professionals that are available to us to help ease the process.
Movers, stagers, painters, florists, inspectors and professional photographers are all part of our team available to make your home the best it can be. For Family Estate  sales we have a team of expert house clean out and estate content salesforce and advisors.


We can oversee or simply provide you with the information. We have a keen eye and can see you through the preparation of de-cluttering , staging and in general putting your best foot forward .

Sample photos show a home that is staged physically and one virtually staged-both are extremely useful tools. Can you tell the difference?