Andrew Morrow – Artist to Watch

ANDREW MORROW AT Studio 66- Artist to Watch-  Artist to own. I can barely wait to see the art work of Andrew Morrow that is being displayed and available to purchase at Studio 66. I may have to build a wall somewhere in my home but I am determined to find space for this artist. I believe it is a real opportunity and special.  Always a joy to go to the gallery.

Andrew Morrow’s work is characterized by a restless desire to both inhabit and extend historical, narrative painting. Morrow’s work fluctuates between narrative and self-reference, lucidity and indeterminacy, ambition, and constraint. Extending from personal, actual, and invented histories, Morrow’s paintings engage broad, historical themes such as war, eroticism, beauty, the apocalypse, and death, complicating these through a resistance to narrative closure and spatial coherence. In his work fragmented and archetypal figures populate shifting, uncertain landscapes, approaching, but never quite attaining the sublime.

Il est une chose terrible d’être la cible

Andrew Morrow is an award-winning, contemporary Canadian artist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Queen’s University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Ottawa. His work has been widely exhibited and reviewed throughout Canada and abroad. In addition to his practice as an artist, Morrow is a professor in painting and drawing at the University of Ottawa, and a founding member of the Ottawa Arts Council Young Artist Award Committee. Morrow lives in Chelsea, QC, with his wife and two sons.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Etc
All the best to gallery Studio 66 . Andrew Morrow artist to watch – artist to own