The Wood Pile

Kens Firewood and Aggragates

Early mornings with Ken

It was a cord of maple, cut and split and piled—and measured, four by four by eight.

And not another like it could I see. No runner tracks in this year’s snow looped near it.

And it was older sure than this year’s cutting, Or even last year’s or the year’s before.”

from The Woodpile by Robert Frost


It is just after 6:30 a.m and Ken has just left.

He as always shows up on time with my two cords of wood for my fireplace.

This is one cheerful guy in the early mornings!

Ken also had supplied me me with what has been the best topsoil , mulch and manure that I have ever used on my garden. He also provides all types of gravel and stone.

For those of us with wood burning fireplaces this is the man to go too for firewood. He even splits it small for you if you need that. His wood is seasoned and dry.

Here is a bit about his wood and how to reach him :

available 7 days a week 8 am to 5pm 613.720.5942

“We are a proud family-owned company that has been serving the Ottawa area since 2002. We offer high quality firewood, soil, mulch and aggregates giving you a touch of comfort and beauty both inside and outside your home. ”

  • We deliver to the entire Ottawa Valley*
  • We offer service 7 days a week and deliver your load, if required, with short notice (we prefer a day’s notice)
  • Pickup and delivery is available We can deliver small or large loads and can even offer a split load of two different materials
  • We offer a wide variety of mulch, stone, soil, firewood, kindling and bagged wood (campfire wood)

I am off to stack the wood pile now.