Staging Display Cabinets

Staging  Display Cabinets .

Recently we were asked to stage a home that was vacant that had a lot of wonderful display cabinets and bookshelves. As I am someone with an abundance of collectables and endless books looking for items to use  was not an issue.

However I must tell you how much better they look on display  in a non- cluttered manner than being squirreled away in my furniture hidden from view. So this lead me to write this short note about Staging Display Cabinets. 

 The process of staging  display cabinets was an interesting  process for me. I enjoy bookshelves and display cabinets. When I see the in  British home magazines  they are usually stuffed to the rafters with great interesting items that some would say was clutter but I would say is charming.

In fact I opened a huge German armoire in my sitting room to find items. It was  laden with hardcover books.  I realized then that I needed to sell the armoire and build in bookcases so I could at least look at all these fine books. My hardcover collection of  Doris Lessing, that I had spent a fortune on getting from  England  in the 70’s were begging for some love!.

Moreover, by bringing these items out into the open, you can enjoy their beauty every day. That exquisite vase, typically reserved for rare occasions, deserves the chance to dazzle more often!

As the house I speaking  of  is going to be sold I  did not “clutter” the shelves or at least I hope not!.

I had just finished reading an article about how “A well styled bookcase can really make any room pop”. Seems color co ordinated styling of books is very in vogue. That is not an easy thing to do ! Many other people may be  not  enthusiastic  by this styling approach. However when selling a home it is best to take advantage of the” less is more “approach.

 Fine Book Stores

Once you move in and you may need some fine books so I would share with you my two favorite places The Black Squirrel in Old Ottawa South and the Perfect Books shop on Elgin St.


COMING TO MARKET in the Glebe : this is the  lovely home about to come to market.

Whether unwinding after a long day, enjoying a movie night, or curling up with a good book by the fireplace, the family room offers a cozy retreat, enhanced by custom display shelving and bookcases that exude warmth and invitation.

Staging Display Bookcases in Familyroom – Glebe Ottawa

For instance, within the same household, these display cases primarily serve to showcase items, given the formal setting of the dining room. I find this notion delightful, as it imbues the space with an air of elegance and charm when hosting guests. Displaying mementos acquired during travels is particularly fitting, as they not only add visual interest but also evoke fascinating stories to share and reminisce about.