“As a collector ( buyer may be a better term) of art for most of my life it was such a pleasure to discover Studio 66 . It was like opening a treasure trove of delights and made me wish for more walls in my home . This gallery has put together a wonderful selection of Canadian and local artists – some already famous and some sure to become acclaimed. Carrie the owner has a keen eye and a deep understanding of her artists providing great insight into the art and the techniques used. Her staff is delightful and accommodating. There is something of every taste and price point. Bravo.! My Dave Heath photo waiting for a wall to open up.”

The Art of a Gallery

If you have not been to Studio 66 then you really should. As a real estate agent I think that homes should have good pieces of art. From my experience starting a collection is something that you will enjoy forever. You may move but the art comes with you. I started very young and paid on terms to buy art which I still have. Art does not have to break the bank. This gallery carries a variety of art and artist in many different media. There is something for everyone. 
Studio Sixty Six is to some degree a well kept secret.  I hope to help change that. On the second floor of 858 Bank St in the Glebe just over a wonderful shoe store and across from the  Glebe Butchers awaits this Gallery of wonderful artist works.  A lovely post modern staircase leads up to the gallery  up  and there is an elevator if needed.
I have been there for a few talks and openings and it is always full of intriguing people. The artists work is beautifully displayed.  Many times I have picked out a piece and there is a red tag – seems that there is gentleman who likes many of the artists that I enjoy. However that is a mere seconds set back as there is always another canvass that suddenly turns my head and makes me say “I want this one please”. Its like a candy shop!
COVID did not stop Carrie Colten (the owner). Without missing a beat she started the online chats and artists openings. These talks provided a great amount of insight into the artwork and the artist.  Basically a Salon Series of Artists talks. Go to the web site and there are several on line available.
At the same time, one can also book private gallery appointments so you can safely view the art – I must say it makes on feel very special. 
One thing that is clear to me is that Carrie is deeply engaged and passionate about her work and the artists she represents. Not to mention the whole team are amazing people.
Carrie Colton  Sam Loewen
Claudia Gutierrez Guillermo Trejo 
I would encourage you to go online to visit this amazing array of artist and talent we are so lucky to have represented by this Gallery.

Suite 101, 858 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3W3

studio: 613.800.1641
cell: 613.355.0359
[email protected]