Everything Old is New Again

A Treasure Trove- Yardleys in Old Ottawa South

I was out looking for some antique wall sconces to replace ones that were broken and my first stop for that type of item is always Yardley’s Antiques on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South. Eric (the owner) was there as he typically always is and was plugging coins into one of his two jukeboxes, so “he could hear the songs he liked”.

It was a surprise to learn that old lights are somehow breaking some rule or another and he had to get rid of most of them and replace them with “New Lighting”. His selection of new lighting is very broad and shows great promise. There are lots of good looking reproductions and interesting modern ones as well.

He still has a huge amount of chandeliers hanging and glittering above you. I found some “deco” styled ones for my bathroom at a reasonable price. While I was there I wandered into the “garden” (I use that word very loosely). This is an outdoor area through the rear door, past an alleyway bordered by piles of objects loosely covered by a ragged tarp
out to an open air area (the garden).

There are treasures here! Lovely pieces of wrought iron fences and gates, reclaimed metal lawn ornaments, statues, window boxes ,stained glass, and more. There are great pieces for the garden that can be used here and there to accent areas, or as a piece of art. For someone with an “English” garden the ideas are endless.

There was a 6 sectioned 1950’s metal room divider that might work wonderfully on a deck or as a privacy screen for decks or to disguise a unpleasant view and you could easily grow vines up it or back light it for a dramatic touch. The 1950’s era wrought iron screening can be very interesting and this was a particularly nice one.

It is showing age and peeling but I was told by someone “in the know” that the patina is fabulous and not to touch it.

This is the place to go if you are looking for something not everyone else has.

As well as the lights I did buy a metal arbour and trellis for a Victorian house. These are not old but are excellent reproductions of Victorian styled garden ornaments.Now happily in my office garden.

He had several different designs.


Worth the visit just for looking and so many great finds here.

Yardleys has a very good web site, but be prepared, the store does not look like that – it is a treasure hunt, stacks of stuff everywhere and treasures galore to be had.