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Majestic Metal Works:

Many years ago  I renovated my home and put a totally open floating staircase without rails of any kind.

So, when I decided that it might be best to put in some railings now that I have reached a more mature age. It was then a search to find a company who could make me what I wanted.

What I had always wanted was a deco style railing in metal.

I had found a railing that I liked on the internet and after having it redesigned and drafted to fit my home, the search began again to find someone who could do it for me.


Which lead me to Andy of Majestic Metal Works.

Andy appeared at my door and  had a true understanding of what I wanted. It is always challenging to see if what you asked for and what you get matches your vision and Majestic Metal Works did just that. The staircase handrail is exactly what I had wanted. He then did exterior railings along the same design as the interior ones .


Andy is very proud of his work and so he should be. Your satisfaction is very important to him.

He does all kinds of work and artisrty.

  • Balusters, borders and ornaments
  • Brackets, lance points, finials and rosettes
  • Staircases, landings, railings, gates, fences, protection guards
  • Steel structural & miscellaneous fabrications
  • Cast and wrought iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Custom designs an specification drawings
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Welding repairs, mobile welder.

This is a company I would  not hesitate to recommend.

To reach them:

Majestic Metal Works
G.(Andy) Hammoud
[email protected]