The Golden Triangle- one of my Favorite Homes

A lovely feel inside and out.


The Gibbons Family bought this row in the 1970’s and  the brothers redid it all with a great sense of what the future came to hold with  open concept lifestyles.

However they did it when only a few were investing in the Golden Triangle as the area had yet to become what it is today. 

They had vision and talent. The use of light and open space was ideal for the singles and couple  and for those who had a sense of design for living in an urban community.

Larry and his wife Janice did their home  to suit themselves and it is a delightful space with walls for art – yet totally without walls it seems and a sight-line from back to front on both levels.

Not your average town home!. Designed to provide exceptional light with open spaces this 2 storey town home will delight you with its openness yet very private spaces..

Lovely high ceilings warmed by wood floors and a open wood staircase with a skylight that floods the areas with warm light.

Swing open the glass doors onto the deck and out to a  secret garden with over 70 ft of landscaped and hassle free greenery.

The second floor is an open area fora  den/lounge and master with the rooms open and flowing beautifully into each other. In fact is is almost one big room.

Not for the person who needs compartments or walls. For the  talented Gibbons it was perfect. Standing the test of time the home remains a haven of tranquility in the heart of the now thriving Golden Triangle.

This is and was a special house with a richness of history and stories.