Let the sunshine in.

Part of the mini series  ” All the worlds a Stage”



1. Take advantage of your windows by having them cleaned and keep the drapes or blinds open.

2. Outdated and broken light fixtures can easily and cheaply be replaced and remaining ones should be dusted and cleaned- including exterior lights.

3. Add lamps and supplementary lighting to dark areas or rooms.

4. Make sure the basement is well lit as well.

5. For showings  have the blinds and drapes open as well as having the lighting on.

6. Kitchen , bathrooms , basement and main hallways should be lit, it makes a big difference.

7. Table lamps  on for the darker spaces. In the summer of course the lights can make the house warm so  air out the house and have the air conditioning  on to keep it fresh .

8. Kitchen counter lighting should be turned on as well as any pot or  hanging island lighting.


You are looking to sell a valuable asset and the time spent on getting your home ”Fit to Sell” is worth it.

Stay tuned for “where’s my stuff “and the Life Box to survive selling your home .