The Iconic Martini Cocktail

The Elegant Martini Cocktail

The Elegant Martini Cocktail

The Iconic Martini Cocktail.

I had not meant to do a section on the subject of the Martini Cocktail however I found an interesting website and article and thought I would share.  There is  wonderful article some time ago in the FT and one an amazing site  I happened upon. Oddly  a site called Alpha Men Asia – redefining man . This is a great site full of lots of great info – travel- food – technology -health…etc

It made made me remember a time that now seems a very long time ago. 

I don’t remember exactly when I  enjoyed my first martini but I do remember the feeling of elegance and sophistication it gave me holding that iconic glass. “Putting on the Ritz” comes to mind.

Sitting at the bar at Le Cafe

I was not a fan at first of the Martini. Certainly it was not the usual drink for me being a vineyard girl. It did although  grow on me. It is the cocktail I enjoy with my dear friend Alison. Many an evening of enjoyment we have had sitting at the NAC Le Cafe bar having the  wonderful Brian perform the art of making a great martini just for us. It always was worth the wait!

There is something lovely about being dressed up and sitting casually catching up with each other while sipping on a martini ( olives for her – lemon for me ( both Vodka – stirred not shaken) and there is always gaiety. 

All grown up.

I have always associated cocktails with  something very grown up – like putting lipstick on or dinner parties. What I have come to realize is that the preparation of the martini is a ritual. The beauty of this cocktail is that there are  thousands of nuances.


I have had forever , a  wonderful art deco cocktail set that I cherish. I have of course never used it as along with much of my collectibles  I fear to  damage them. However I may well on a summer evening soon be tempted to bring it out and have a martini in the garden. Just to  toast being alive. 

The Savory cocktail book, that I had never opened until  I took this picture and when one says “cracked open” I believe would best describe the sound made upon opening this fine book. Somewhat concerning to me but I tried to push it to the back of my mind.

After reading some pages I do not nor will I ever try to attempt this fine art of mixology.-

I am content to sit at the bar and let Brian perform the ritual while I watch in anticipation.