A mini series – All the world is a stage!

‘Staging is preparing a home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in” “Depersonalizing a home has now become essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers’

ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE:  A  mini series of  points for getting ready to go to market .


The internet has changed the way people buy and sell homes and that has made how a home shows more important than ever.

First impressions have always been important and now with U-Tube  videos , internet ads, Facebook , social media  and multiple interior photos on web sites a buyer visits your home  before stepping though the front door. The impression that those photos make are very important and that comes down to what is broadly known as staging.

From cleaning to styling, from fluffing to decluttering, to moving furniture to renting furniture, staging can come in many different forms and levels. Professional stagers and real estate agents can provide you with a number of varied services and advice.

Sometimes it can overwhelm a homeowner when starting the process but some simple points can help de stress the process.

I am going to mention only  10 points a few at a time that always have remained true with buyers and sellers through the years.

 Clear away Clutter:  “Remember Less is More”:  Counters, tops of furniture, tables, desktops, closets, bookcases should be purged of anything you no longer want and personal items such as family photos and personal collectables should be put away or stored.

You can bring all those things back once the house has sold, the idea of space is important in the eyes of a buyer. Furniture can be rearranged to make rooms look larger and pieces removed, or new ones added.



Sometimes you may have to rent a storage locker for a while but it is worth it. I know that it is “your taste and style’ however you are trying to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible so a clean palette is important for them to see the house properly with their things. 

The kitchen area must be clean and the cupboards organized and spotless- hinges working,  no lose handles.  Inspectors look under the sink so make sure that is easy to get at and clean.  For stainless steel Bartenders Friend is the best product we have found for making them look new again. Same as bathrooms – clean spotless and bright.