Cleaning and Closets


Cleaning:  How Much Fun is This! 

Part of the mini series:  Cleaning and Closets: All the worlds a stage series” by Julie Teskey and Stephanie Cartwright on getting your home ready to sell. 


This is something that is so important. When a house is for sale, the goal is to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. The most cost-efficient way to spruce up the home is to clean it thoroughly. 

Oddly most people do not think cleaning is that much fun. I have found that is a correct statement.

Even though we think our homes are clean- they may not be to others.  The use of a cleaning company just before you go to market is advisable and worth while. Photos and video’s take close-ups of such things as taps and flooring and all that stainless steel we now have-so everything should sparkle. Even if a kitchen or bathroom is dated, if it is clean it will make a huge difference in the eyes of a buyer.

Look at each room as a potential buyer might and see what catches the eye first.  Then, follow the top-to-bottom, left-to-right rule for cleaning each room. That way, no surface is overlooked.

Major attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Mold and mildew are especially problematic in bathrooms. With all the publicity around the illnesses that mold can cause, the  home buyers are more sensitive than ever about its presence. 

Open those closets and cupboards:

 Buyers will look in your closets and pull out built in drawers. Closet space is a big selling point for buyers. Therefore,  show your closets off to full advantage. Aim to have around a quarter of the space open for the impression of spaciousness.  Not every one has huge closets or beautifully organized California closets. However even a small closet can be made to look spacious and useful.


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Remember Cleaning and Closets give your home a good stage presence.