Paint Colours

"But I love that colour"

Tone it down:

Part of the mini series -” All the worlds a Stage”


Our personal tastes in décor vary greatly however when photos are taken of a home and you have strong colors on the walls what you see is the colors and not the house or room. Highly recommended is choosing to repaint rooms that are richly or boldly colored (especially main rooms) to a more stylish neutral tone and that is not necessarily white. Take a picture of the room  and if all you see is walls of colour then that is what the pictures on sites and videos will show.

Too much colour like too much furniture will make a room look smaller. You can liven up a space with bright accent pieces ,artwork and furniture. 

If you have art then a off white will provide a great backdrop .  Of course one wall as an accent with a painting can also work well.

Earthy tones and rich mid tone neutrals create a backdrop that makes the rooms look large and inviting without being stark. Even a deep earthy tone can be lovely as long as there is little else in the room to clash with the colour and a good piece of art work to set off the room.

It is not yo make the house boring but to create a blank palette for a new owner to image their tastes.