A mini series about getting your home ready for sale

Usually the last place you go when looking. 

‘Staging is preparing a home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in”

“Depersonalizing a home has now become essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers’

The internet has changed the way people buy and sell homes and that has made how a home shows more important than ever.

First impressions have always been important and now with U-Tube  videos , internet ads, Facebook , social media   and multiple interior photos on web sites a buyer visits your home  before stepping though the front door. The impression that those photos make are very important and that comes down to what is broadly known as staging.


The Basement: Purge, Purge, Purge.

1. Get rid of anything you no longer want or use.

2. Organize the remaining in one area so that the basement walls and floors are visible. Try to have shelving units to organize the items ( they do not have to be fancy – Ikeas /Rona /Home Depot have lots of good items that are very affordable.

3.  Make sure that around the electrical, plumbing stack and furnace is easily accessible and visual.

4. Broom clean /vacuum the floor and also highly recommended is to paint the concrete if the area is not finished.

5. Make sure the stairs are solid and easy to access- handrail a must.

6. Get rid of those spider webs from the ceilings and walls of unfinished parts and clean the top of the furnace and hot water tank.  If you have a finished basement remember that if you are /marketing it as a living space then make sure it shows like the rest of the house. The basement is usually the last place a buyer goes and it leaves a lasting impression. Make it a good one.