They’ll be dancing, dancing in the street

Ottawa's Golden Triangle

They’ll be dancing, dancing in the street
It’s an invitation across the nation, a chance for folks to meet
They’ll be laughing and singing and music swinging Dancing in the street 

written by Marvin Gayle


What makes a community!

Firstly, there are so many things that comprise a healthy community. Many facilities are not available in everyone’s neighbourhood especially during these times.So, this is a little story of  a joyful event in the Golden Triangle.

It had already been several months of lock down when Suzanne King and Ted Friesen  put together a magical evening of music for the  “hood” to enjoy.

They had  gotten Karl Nerenberg  to round up some excellent talent to play in their driveway at their home to  provide an evenings enjoyment .

The Evening unfolds

On a lovely late spring evening the sound of music began to fill the air. Neighbours and friends started to accumulate on the street.

People walked over from neighbouring streets, bikers stopped  – some came with chairs and some just stood or sat on the grass or curb.

Leaning against cars, feet tapping and heads nodding to the music. 

Smiling faces saying ” Hello there- how are you?” Not only neighbours but people just passing through stopped . That is to say it was drawing a crowd.

As well, it was a wonderful opportunity to take count of how we were, to reach out ( from a distance of course ) and say Hi! 

What I remember the most is not just the wonderful music  but that of  Ted and Suzanne in their summer whites, dancing together in the street. Somehow the masks they were wearing were no longer visible. You were  transported to another time.

It was a wonderful feeling and a joy to watch. 


The Band and the Music

The musicians playing were: Electric bass: Étienne Renard; Alto saxophone: Ian Schwartz; Digital keyboard: Karl Nerenberg

And here are some of the songs  played 

 I’ll Remember April , by Gene De Pau
 C’est si Bon, by Henri Betti;
You Are the Sunshine of My Life, by Stevie Wonder;
Blue Moon, by Richard Rodgers;
Blue Bossa, by Kenny Dorham;
I Will Survive by Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perrin;
Call Me, by Tony Hatch;
Beautiful Love, composed by Victor Young, Wayne Kind and Egbert Van Alstyne;
All of Me, by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons;
Yesterday by Paul McCartney….
The leader Karl says  “I aim to play songs that feel good”  and he did just that. 
Kudos to all and to the neighbours who make the Triangle a very, very special place to live.